Grace Crescent Development Proposal

Hill have proposed the development of up to 100 new houses to be situated on land just west of Grace Crescent. Of the 100 new homes 40% will be designated as affordable and will be available as either shared ownership or affordable rent. The proposals are initial and it is the intention of Hill to submit an outline planning application in July.

The developers have set up a dedicated website where local residents can learn more about their proposals and give feedback. You can visit the site at

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Parish Council Meeting Papers 2015

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New Website

After a long wait the new Hardwick website is up and running with a host of new features.

The aim with the new website was to take much of the information from the old website, and add modern usability and interactivity. Hopefully the net result will be an engaging experience where people in the village can not only access what’s going on, but can also contribute to village affairs by giving feedback and making suggestions.

The website now comes with a calendar, this calendar has information on dates and times of activities and events within the village, as well as locations and descriptions. This means that alongside the Hardwick Happenings you can see village events with a couple of clicks.

You can find details of your elected representatives on the Hardwick website together with dates of Parish Council meetings and the agendas and minutes of those meetings Greater Information on the Village

What’s to come?

The website will have new features added in stages and it’s very important that we get feedback on changes we make and any ideas for what you would like to see. If you would like to see your business in the business directory, or if you have a suggestion to improve the website please use the form below.