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Hardwick Community Centre Working Group update (Oct 2021)

Dear Hardwick Resident,

It seems quite a while since we have been able to update you with the progress of the proposed Community Centre building. The Hardwick Community Centre Working Group (HCCWG) has been making progress with our architect and has received informal pre- planning application feedback on the project from planning officers. This has enabled us to look in more detail at certain aspects of the plans so that we can submit a formal planning application to South Cambs District Council which is more likely to get approval first time.

We are now at the stage of collecting data required by the feedback to add to our planning application. This data includes:

    • An ecology report regarding wildlife in the area.
    • A tree report, to include any tree protection issues.
    • A context, design and external spaces update, to ensure local landscaping and character of the area is maintained.
    • A highway safety and car and cycle parking report, to ensure we have considered sufficient parking for all types of activities at the centre.

All of these areas, and a few similar ones, will now be professionally assessed for the working group and added to our application. Some had already been assessed but not in sufficient detail. Notwithstanding those areas needing more detail the project plans and general location on the recreation ground were generally well received by the planning officer.

The areas above are quite common requests at this stage of an application and should be concluded within the next six weeks, so we hope to go to a formal planning application by the end of November 2021.

The good news is there were no queries regarding the building itself. In the conclusion to the feedback report it stated, “overall the proposed building is well designed and would appear in keeping with the character of the area and it would have limited impact on neighbour residential amenity.”

We now have a busy six weeks to get these professional reports completed and seek further comments from local residents before submitting our planning application.

Residents will have the right to comment to the District Council on the planning application once submitted but HCCWG hopes that its continuing dialogue with nearby residents and the village as a whole will help to resolve as many issues as possible beforehand.

If you have any comments regarding our progress please email the HCCWG on alan.west10@btinternet.com

Update January 2021
Dear Village Resident,

It seems to have been a long time since our last update to residents about the new Community Centre but throughout the pandemic the work has been progressing and we are now at a point where we can ask the architects to seek planning permission for the project.

We have had several Zoom meetings with the architects to adapt and refine the plans displayed at our last public meeting. See the latest plans of the proposed building and a few key things that have happened since our last public meeting and display are represented below. An elevation of this drawing will be available in a few weeks and will be circulated later.

  • The building has now been sited between the Sports and Social Club and the play area taking up the majority of the footprint of the existing hard tennis court area. The building has been orientated so the cafe will also have potential outdoor seating with views across to the play park.
  • Total expected build cost will be approximately £1.13 million which will include changes to access points, landscaping and extra parking.
  • S106 monies from the two major developments in the village will cover the cost and will be coming on stream in sections as and when the new houses are sold. This is expected to be completed by the end of 2022 with all monies released to the Parish Council, by that time, to cover the cost of the new building.
  • An extra £30,000 has been added to the build costs to provide match officials (football and cricket) with changing facilities attached to, and with access to, the new Community Centre.
  • Various room size options have been included to increase the variety of activities The Community Centre can cater for.
  • There is still an opportunity for us to make minor changes to the internal layout of the building so if you have any ideas there is still time to send them to us for consideration.

As a group we are also pursuing ways to make The Community Centre as eco-friendly as possible and are looking for grants towards helping to achieve this goal.

We look forward to hearing your views and opinions which can be sent to: Alan.west10@btinternet.com

Can we also take this time to wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Covid-free New Year.

With best wishes


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Members of Hardwick Community Centre Working Group

Hardwick Community Association             Alan West (chair)
Trustees of the Community rooms            Anne Jones
District Council                                              Grenville Chamberlain
Parish Council                                               Steve Rose
Hardwick Sports & Social Club                   Tony Killeen
Hardwick Village Plan                                   Mia Cassey
Village rep with architect background      Nicky Kerr
Meetings and minutes secretary                Betty Grimes


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