Update: Bourn Airfield Development

HPC Update
At the last PC meeting, representatives from Countryside properties presented the latest plans for the 3500 new homes in the Bourn Airfield development. You can see the plans on their website here.

There were a lot of questions around the impact on Hardwick, especially concerning the increased traffic along St Neots Road. Countryside confirmed that there were no plans to give the development its own access to the A428 and that no significant changes/upgrades were planned for the existing roads. Countryside were unable to provide any additional information on the data they had used to justify this decision. Members of the public who attended the presentation and the HPC were not reassured that the impact on the village had been taken into account and were concerned by the lack of transparency in the decision.

There’s still time to have your say.

Public meeting @ Hardwick Primary School – Thursday 18th July 7pm
The HPC will hold a public meeting on Thursday 18th July at 7pm in the Hardwick Primary School to ensure that the village is fully informed about the potential consequences and understand what can be done to ensure that our voice is heard.

SCDC Public Consultation
You can still submit comments to South Cambridgeshire District Council via the public consultation of the Bourn Airfield New Village Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The draft Bourn Airfield New Village SPD provides additional details and guidance relating to comprehensive development and delivery of the new village. The consultation is for six weeks and begins at 9am on Monday 17 June until 5pm Monday 29 July 2019. Click here for details about how you can have your say.

Hardwick Annual Parish Meeting Tue 21st May 2019 7pm

The Hardwick Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Tuesday 2st May 2019 at 7pm in the school.

The meeting is open to all parishioners who may by law discuss all parish matters, ask questions, put forward views and pass resolutions.

Please links below for the agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting and the minutes of the 2018 meetings. The Council would very much appreciate reports from individuals and organisations listed on the agenda, whether on their activities during the year, the progress of ongoing projects, or the use made of funds granted by the Council during the year if applicable.

If you, or a representative, would like to present a report and/or accounts to the APM, please could you let the Clerk have a copy in advance of the meeting at office@lgs-services.co.uk. Reports and accounts will not be recorded in the minutes but instead all written reports will be appended to the minutes.

Hardwick Annual Parish Meeting 2019 Agenda

Hardwick Annual Parish Meeting April 2018 Minutes

Hardwick Annual Parish Meeting Oct 2018 Minutes

Feedback: Wooded area between Ashmead and Sudeley Grove

We’ve received some feedback about the wooded area between Ashmead and Sudeley Grove.

Just a note of congratulation. The council recently cleared the wooded area between Ashmead and Sudeley Grove. What a lovely job, nice for the children and for the residents. Well done. Please extend my thanks to the whole committee.

Paul Mantle

Thank you for your kind words, Paul. We’d love to hear from anyone else who has enjoyed this area or has any further suggestions.

Agenda for Hardwick Parish Council meeting on 26th February 2019

The agenda for the Hardwick Parish Council meeting to be held on 26th February is available on the Village Noticeboard along with the minutes of the January meetings.  These will also be made available on this website but not until after the meeting has taken place.  Ben Stoehr normally does this but he is away at present.


Steve Rose

On behalf of Hardwick Parish Council

Update on Hardwick Community Centre

In case you missed it here is the update from Hardwick Community Centre Working Group that was published in the February edition of the Hardwick Happenings


New Community Centre update.


Since our open public meeting back in November the Hardwick Community Centre Working Group (HCCWG) has been assessing the feedback from that meeting and those submitted since. We presented, what we believed, were the best three options for a site for the new centre and gave ideas of what we hope will form an extensive new village amenity.


There were a wide range of opinions to sort and as a result of the consultation we felt that there was most support for an option to combine the new building in some way with the existing Hardwick Sports and Social Club (HSSC) building to provide a more integrated, multi use centre. In many ways this is a fourth option as it combines two of the three options proposed. By doing this we hope to have a larger building on the one site taking up space on the trees side of the present building. By abutting or possibly overlapping the present building we can;


A/ Keep the whole site contained in a central village area without encroaching too far towards the housing on Egremont Road.


B/ Keep the present club facilities whilst adding a whole range of new activity and meeting rooms, toilets, medical area, library area, cafe and reception space.


C/ Enable the total space to be used whilst maintaining the ability of each to be used as separate areas when necessary.


D/ Enable a greater range of activities and meeting points under one roof whilst providing the opportunity to reduce running costs associated with two separate buildings.


E/ Create a nicer looking overall site with the present building being visually improved by the new building being sympathetically added, creating new entrances and upgrading existing facilities and adding more trees and other landscaping to enhance its looks.


There is, of course, much more work still to be done. We now have a HSSC member on our committee and have had Nicky Kerr (another member of our committee and a trained architect), draw up two possible plans as an idea of how such a building might look. We are also interviewing five architects and will be selecting the one we think the most suitable to work with us to move the project forward.


Our speed of progress should enable us to be able to hold our second public consultation meeting in the near future to look at possible plans and give residents the opportunity of more input to the development. We hope to have a date for the meeting in the next edition of Hardwick Happenings magazine as well as on as many social media platforms as possible in order to reach the maximum village coverage.


If you would like to be added to our direct email list for future updates please email your details to our secretary at:




Post entered by

Steve Rose

on behalf of

Hardwick Community Centre Working Group


A new Community Centre for Hardwick – meeting Tuesday 6th November

An announcement by Hardwick Community Centre Working Group


Open evening in the school hall Tuesday 6th November between 5pm and 8pm


  • Did you know Hardwick will be getting a new Community Centre in the near future?


  • Did you know that the two proposed housing developments at Grace Crescent and St Neots Road will generate in the region of £1 million to a community facility from what is called Section 106 money that all developers pay towards village amenities?


  • Did you know that the Hardwick Community Centre Working Group has been established to involve the community in getting the best possible facility for the whole village?


If the answer to any of these questions is no, then read on, as what happens over the next three years will be to your benefit.


The Parish Council is involved in the use of Section 106 money that will be generated from the proposed developments in the village. The money is to be used to enhance the local amenities and to replace the loss of the community facilities at the school. The school will need the Community Room as classrooms for the expected growth in future pre school numbers. However, the Community Room belongs to the village as a community space which many of us use for groups and meetings. The Community Room Trustees have therefore agreed to help to get a new Community Centre with extra meeting rooms and associated facilities in exchange for the present Community Room. To this end, a small working group has been set up, comprised of a Parish Councillor (Steve Rose), the chair of the Village Plan Committee (Martin Cassey), a Community Room Trustee (Anne Jones), District Councillor (Grenville Chamberlain) and the chair of the Community Association (Alan West).


The aim of the group, set up in April this year, was to begin the process of:


  • Finding the best locations for the site of the Community Centre. This has involved advice from the local Planning Department on possible sites, to be discussed with residents.
  • Looking at other Cambridgeshire villages that have undertaken similar projects, including the type and size of community building, advice on how their projects were built and how they now run and are currently funded.
  • Seeking input from the local community about the range and possible use of a new facility including where it could best be sited to get maximum use and the design of the building to meet the requirements of the village.
  • When required, co-opting onto its number a range of residents who might help with advice at this early stage, such as architects, builders and/or project managers.


The group has begun the first two items above. We have looked at what other villages have done, we’ve had Planning Department advice over possible sites and had access to two recent Hardwick village surveys about what facilities residents would like to see in the future.


It might be possible to have a building with a main hall, possibly two or more smaller meeting rooms, maybe including a library, storage areas, an entrance/reception area,  possibly a designated room for a medical practice/nurse/physiotherapist and a community cafe.


Now it’s time for a general open meeting for residents to see where we are with the preparatory work and to have a say about how a new Community Centre can enhance the village.


There will be an open evening in the school hall on Tuesday 6th November between 5pm and 8pm for residents to call in to see the displays.


The working group will be available to answer questions and to collect suggestions. There will be village plans with possible sites marked, plans from other, similar village projects and an opportunity for you to contribute to the range of ideas about what is most important to enhance a brand new community building.


We think this is an opportunity for Hardwick to gain a community facility which has been lacking until now.


If you have any preliminary questions or comments please email them to





Public meeting in Hardwick to air views on Bourn Airfield Development Tuesday 16th October at Hardwick School starting 7:30 pm

Residents of Hardwick should have received details from South Cambs DC of an outline proposal to build 3,500 dwellings at Bourn Airfield. Whatever your views on the development it seems clear that this development will have a big impact on Hardwick – after all that’s why you have been sent details of the proposal.
Hardwick Parish Council has decided to hold a public meeting at the school at 7:30 on Tuesday 16th October. All are welcome to attend.
The purpose of the meeting is so that you can let the Parish Council know what you think of the proposal and to find out what the Parish Council has done and has been doing over the last few years since this proposal was first put forward. The Parish Council will answer questions as best it can.This meeting is not a substitute for you commenting directly to South Cambs DC and the Parish Council encourages all residents of the village to make their views known in writing via the website or by post by 1st November 2018. If you don’t make your views kinown now you will find that you have missed your opportunity to do so.

Also none of the above need stop you from starting a discussion about the proposals now, on the Village FaceBook page and I look forward to reading the comments from fellow residents of Hardwick.

Steve Rose on behalf of Hardwick Parish Council