Chivers and Hill masterplan for Hardwick

Chivers Farm and Hill have joined together to promote and develop a long term masterplan for the land to the East of Cambridge Road. I am writing to make the Hardwick Happenings aware of this news and I attach details.

Chivers Farm and Hill aspire to rebalance the village, reinforcing a village centre based around the Community Primary School and shops and providing significant additional community facilities.

Other features include:

  • A relief road to avoid the current route past the shops
  • Large areas of public open space and recreation fields
  • Areas for possible use as shops, community buildings, sports pavilion, car parks and a barn style office development

The masterplan is put forward as an initial concept that will be shaped by extensive consultation over the coming years.

Master Plan
You can see this plan in more detail here

The land is currently Green Belt and as such a development would not receive planning approval except in very special circumstances and this would require positive support from the village and is expected to take about 10 years.

I believe the consultation process involving the village starts now. Hardwick residents are encouraged to study the plans (available here) and comment on them.

Comments could perhaps be made to Hardwick Happenings or to the village website. Feedback can also be sent to the Clerk of the Parish Council or to myself. We would be pleased to hear of comments as would Chivers Farm and Hill.


Steve Rose


Hardwick Parish Council

3 thoughts on “Chivers and Hill masterplan for Hardwick”

  1. The planned size of recreational space is commendable, but it is nearly twice the size of the current recreation ground and will require hefty maintenance costs initially and ongoing ones as well. Will 200 houses really cover this increased cost. Probably not.

  2. In my personal opinion it is good to see some strategic thinking about the development of Hardwick, so well done to those concerned. However, even with this plan, the village and the community facilities will still be ‘top heavy’ i.e. concentrated around the school.
    It would be good to see an approach that distributes housing and community facilities more evenly between the North and South ends of Hardwick. There is an area shown on the plan opposite the junction with Limes Road that is identified as Community facilities. How about locating these instead in the segment labelled as Victoria Farm? This is actually more central to Hardwick as a whole. (I’m sure that another area could be identified to accommodate the 5 ‘Family Houses’ that were earmarked for this area.)
    Furthermore, it would also be good to be a bit more ambitious with the community facilities – how about a Village ‘Hub’ with flexible facilities that could be used by community organisations, a community cafe, and also used for other activities such as Badminton, Performing Arts, Community Cinema, etc.?
    Including in the total of 235 houses, some single storey houses that might appeal to ’empty nesters’ would also be a positive move. This could release some of the existing family homes in village – enabling families to progress through a range of housing types whist still remaining in Hardwick.
    Finally, why not open up access to the area behind the pond opposite the Blue Lion to make this a feature that can be enjoyed by the community. Many other South Cambridgeshire Villages have Village Greens and Village Ponds – These can really enhance the village environment.

    I’m sure that others have ideas about what Hardwick needs to be a viable community longer term. Why not share them here, in Hardwick Happenings or with the Village Plan group?

  3. Personally, I prefer this plan to the one currently under review the other side of Hall Drive. As someone else has said the village is still top heavy but the extra road makes a lot of sense but are we going to get much traffic joining Cambridge Road from this road that heads to Comberton causing problems at that junction opposite Limes Road?

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