Village Survey – St Neots Road development Hardwick Parish Council needs your feedback

Hardwick Parish Council is asking residents of Hardwick to complete a survey to help them with responding to a planning application which Circle Housing will make next month for a housing development of 184 houses off St Neots Road.

Please download a copy of the survey here and return it to the Village Shop or the Blue Lion or Hardwick Sports and Social Club or by post to the Parish Clerk

2 thoughts on “Village Survey – St Neots Road development Hardwick Parish Council needs your feedback”

  1. St Neots Road development.
    Can I please point out to any-one in Hardwick, who has a NIMBY attitude towards this proposed development, that the children of this village will need to be able to buy a house to live in when they grow up, and, a recent survey of residents showed that extra housing was required here in Hardwick. If residents of all villages say “NO” to developments, where are your children going to live?????????
    This development, if passed by SCDC, will make good use of land that at this time is just scrub and of no use whatsoever.
    Your previous Parish Council had some very good productive meetings with the Developers and S.C.D.C with regards to Section 106 money (this is money that the developers have to give for local amenities) and agreed, in principle, that it would be of great benefit to all residents of Hardwick if that money was used to create a Village Centre on the site of the Scouts and Guides hut. This would create new facilities for the Scouts and Guides, a Coffee Shop with a children’s play area, Meeting Rooms, Public Library, plus a balcony for watching football and cricket. At a meeting with the Developers and the NHS at Fulbourn Hospital, we did try to get the NHS to provide a Doctor’s Surgery, BUT, they were adamant that they could not do this because of lack of funds.
    The “nay sayers” of any new proposals always shout very loud, so, can I ask that those of you who can see the benefits of this proposed development, shout even louder. Can I also suggest that it would be a retrograde step if this new Parish Council dissipated the 106 Money on small projects and did not take the opportunity to create a fantastic Village Centre for Hardwick. Other villages have one and so should we.
    Ian Storr (past Chairman of Hardwick Parish Council)

  2. The people who believe that a new development and 500-600 more people in the village, 300 more cars on their way to the city and 200 more children joining the local pre/school will improve their quality of life by having a Village Centre and a balcony to watch football & cricket, please express your approval of this plan.

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