Circle Housing Exhibition Summary

In summary of the exhibition on Tuesday, Circle is proposing a total of 184 dwellings over the 7.12 hector site as well as a community woodland on the southern end. You can download a map of the proposed development here.

Circle Housing would like to thank everyone who attended our exhibition on Tuesday.
We really enjoyed meeting you all and had some very useful feedback from residents.

Below is the indicative layout that was displayed Tuesday night. We are proposing mix of houses and flats, private, rented and shared ownership homes with a ‘village green’ and woodland area to provide green space. Through the planning agreement the scheme would contribute towards much needed community facilities which would be located in the centre of the village. The feedback we have had so far includes comments on the location and height of some properties and a request for some bungalows. The plan will be reviewed in the light of these comments and updated by the architect.
The updated plan will be made available for the Hardwick website.

Any additional comments can be emailed to

You can view a higher quality version here.

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  1. There are a lot of people in Cambridge who work in IT and value houses with good internet, and pay a premium for those with better connectivity.

    Before you start laying out the houses, please get BT to install appropriate facilities and Virgin Media to lay cable for this.

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