Public meeting in Hardwick to air views on Bourn Airfield Development Tuesday 16th October at Hardwick School starting 7:30 pm

Residents of Hardwick should have received details from South Cambs DC of an outline proposal to build 3,500 dwellings at Bourn Airfield. Whatever your views on the development it seems clear that this development will have a big impact on Hardwick – after all that’s why you have been sent details of the proposal.
Hardwick Parish Council has decided to hold a public meeting at the school at 7:30 on Tuesday 16th October. All are welcome to attend.
The purpose of the meeting is so that you can let the Parish Council know what you think of the proposal and to find out what the Parish Council has done and has been doing over the last few years since this proposal was first put forward. The Parish Council will answer questions as best it can.This meeting is not a substitute for you commenting directly to South Cambs DC and the Parish Council encourages all residents of the village to make their views known in writing via the website or by post by 1st November 2018. If you don’t make your views kinown now you will find that you have missed your opportunity to do so.

Also none of the above need stop you from starting a discussion about the proposals now, on the Village FaceBook page and I look forward to reading the comments from fellow residents of Hardwick.

Steve Rose on behalf of Hardwick Parish Council

Hardwick Parish Council elections

Elections are being held on Thursday  3rd  May 2018 to elect a new Parish Council for Hardwick.

Nominations open on 26th March and must be lodged by 4:00 on 6th April.  See the previous News item for advice about standing.  Nomination forms are available through the SCDC website or through our Parish Clerk (contact details elsewhere on this website).

There are positions available for up to nine councillors. There will only be a contested election if there are more than nine nominations in which case electors can cast up to nine votes to choose the candidates of their choice.

There is more going on in the village now than for many years.  New housing developments, related planning obligations on education, health, transport, and community facilities e.g. new community centre, and the proposed busway.  We all have views on what we think is best for the village but it is the Parish Council that takes the decisions on behalf of the village.  If you want to have a more effective way of making your views known and acted on then consider standing for election rather than complaining or criticising.  It can be hard work at times – and its totally unpaid – but it can also be immensely rewarding to see improvements made to the quality of life in the village.

Here are some links which help further explain the role of a Parish Councils and Parish Councillors.

Standing for Election as a Parish or Town Councillor

Parish Councillor – Job Description

All About Local Councils Booklet:

Council Elections 2018

I will be standing again and I hope to be re-elected but I hope many others will put their names forward to create a healthy tier of democracy within the village.

Steve Rose

Hardwick Parish Council

District Council and Parish Council Elections

Elections 2018

All South Cambridgeshire District Council residents will be able to vote on 3 May 2018, electing 45 District Councillors to represent 26 newly revised wards. Elections will also be held for all of the parishes in South Cambridgeshire.

Notice of Election will be published on 26 March – this will open the period during which nominations may be submitted. All nominations must be submitted by 4.00pm on 6 April.

Anyone who wants to stand in the district or parish elections must submit a valid nomination paper to the Returning Officer. If you have any questions about standing you can contact the elections team for advice and guidance on or by calling 03450 455214.

More News from Hardwick Parish Council

Hardwick Parish Council Report January 2018

The meeting opened with an open session where there were concerns about the additional details of a cycle/footpath from Sadlers Close through to the development proposed for Grace Crescent.

The Parish Council knew nothing more than the red line marked on the plans but was equally concerned that the path would be shared with a current in-use farm track.

Primary Healthcare provision for Hardwick continues as Martin Cassey has delivered another briefing paper to Heidi Allen recently.

The PC has been notified about improvements to street lighting in Hardwick as part of the details using S106 money from new developments. However the £15,000 designated for upgrades and addition to current lighting to benefit the south of the village, where the development will be, has now been allotted for improvements to the WHOLE village. The PC voted to hold onto this £15,000 for Main Street improvements only, but would welcome SCDC upgrading to LED lighting for the rest of the village.

There has been a request by a resident for speed stickers for wheelie bins for some roads in the village. The PC will obtain quotes for 30 and 40mph stickers, 4 per household for St Neots Rd, Cambridge Rd and Main Street.

Caxton PC will be borrowing the Speedwatch equipment for a fee of £500 while not in use by us at present. We cannot find volunteers to run it ourselves, should anyone be interested and be free during busy morning and afternoon times please contact the clerk.

Elections for District Council and Parish Council seats will take place on 3rd May 2018. The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on 17th April 2018 and the PC meeting for May on 15th May 2018. The Parish Council warmly welcomes new applications to join the council.  There are a total of nine seats available.

The gas is due to be disconnected on the corner of St Neots Rd  on 31st January.

The Playparks next step of improvements is complete and the additions to the  park on Egremont Rd look wonderful. The PC would like to commend Clare McGowan and her team for their tireless work to complete this second stage.

A new perspex panel is needed for the bus stop on St. Neots Rd opposite Millers Way.

The next meeting is the Budget meeting on Tuesday 6th February at 7pm.

Jane Humphries



News from Hardwick Parish Council

Parish Council meeting November 2017

Hill the developers attended the meeting and gave an update on the proposed 98 dwellings for behind Grace Crescent and the late addition of a cycle way and footpath through to Sadlers Close. It is possible work on the houses may start in late Summer or Autumn 2018.

A new wider gate for triple buggies will be fitted to the play park on Egremont Rd alongside the next phase of the upgrade which is due between mid December and the first week of January.

Steve Rose will take on the role of webmaster while the role is vacant.

The consultation for the new bus route must be filled in by January and the PC will write a response in the interest of the route for the benefit of the residents of the village.

Speedwatch volunteers are needed again, training by the police takes an hour and a half, 3 are needed at any time to operate the scheme.

The Hardwick Village Plan will publish a presentation of the results of the village survey within 6 months.  Every household will get a copy which will contain photographs and some village history.

Jane Humphries

Parish Council meeting December 2017

Paper caddies will not now be emptied by the refuse collectors and all paper should be put in the blue bins.

Street lighting will be improved with money from S106 through new developments. All the sodium lights (yellow) on St Neots Rd and Cambridge Rd will be replaced with new design LED ones. We will be the first parish to have the new greater spread lights.

Heidi Allen is to lend her support to getting a healthcare provision in Hardwick. Martin Cassey has been attending meetings on transportation around Cambridge with regard to the village minibus scheme that is planned.

The PC took a vote after a discussion on its response to the consultation on the bus route from Cambourne to Cambridge. There were 7 votes, 4 votes for route C and 3 votes for route B with the Park and Ride being preferred at Scotland Farm.  A letter was sent to the Greater Cambridge Partnership.

Residents are encouraged to reply individually to the taxi permit consultation.

The area around the back of the scout hut will be cleared of all the rubbish and furniture in the next month.

Budget meeting will be held on February 6th 2018.

Jane Humphries



Parish Council Meeting Papers 2018

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Cambourne to Cambridge Bus Route – Hardwick public exhibition

Hardwick residents should all have received a consultation brochure entitled Cambourne to Cambridge Better Bus Journeys.  The consultation seeks views on two alternative locations for a new Park & Ride site and three alternative routes from Madingley Mulch to Cambridge.  The decisions that will be taken will affect everyone in Hardwick and residents are encouraged to  consider the alternatives and make their views known to the Greater Cambridge Partnership [GCP].  The Parish Council will also consider the alternatives and make its response in due course to the GCP.

The consultation is now “live” ready to be filled in on-line and will stay open until Monday 22nd January 2018.  If you prefer you can fill in the questionnaire on pages 23 to 25 of the brochure and mail it using the free post provided.

In addition to the brochure GCP is staging a public exhibition at Hardwick School next Thursday, November 23rd from 2:45 pm to 4:30 pm about the consultation and presumably some members of the GCP will be there to answer questions.

Steve Rose

Hardwick Parish Council