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Ian Storr

Chairman of Parish Council

News: Development

Recent improvements around the village

Thursday, 13 September 2007

  1. The Parish Council have had a “metalled” pathway built from Egremont Road to the school field to make this, sometimes previously wet, informal route into a proper entrance for the school.
  2. The Children’s Play Area by Egremont Road has had the old wood chippings removed from under the play equipment and an up to top standard “wetpour” surface put in its place for greater safety.
  3. All the children’s Play Areas in the village are, within the next few weeks, being brought up to this high standard of safety. We are able to do this from S106 money which we have received from the builders on the old “Enterprise Site”.
  4. For a while now, the Parish Council and the Committee of the Hardwick Sports and Social Club, have been in discussions about what to do when the “No Smoking” laws came into place and the “smokers” would need somewhere to go. It was agreed that the H.S.S.C. would pay for some awnings to be erected at the front of the pavilion. The “Council” agreed that this would be a very good time to upgrade the area from the Skate Park to the Car Park and remove the slabs which have always needed to be in constant repair. You will shortly see our Contractors laying a new Tarmac path in front of the Scout Hut and alongside the Recreation Ground in front of the Pavilion. Directly in front of the Pavilion we are putting down some “brick sets”.

I hope that when this is all done, you will agree that we will have brought up the standard of that area of the Playing Field site.