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A brief history

Martin Hay provides a brief history of the village


A general background of the village.

Enclosure map

Enclosure map from 1836

From beginnings to the 19th Century

Hardwick through the ages by David Pine (Rector of Hardwick, 1974-1980)

Hardwick Wood

Hardwick Wood is one of the ancient woods of West Cambridgeshire. The warden, Jean Benfield, wrote this history of it.

Mention in the Domesday Book

The village's record in the Domesday Book

Old map of Hardwick

Map from 1890.

Place names

The changing names of Hardwick and the surrounding villages.

The church

A history of St Mary's Church

The economy

The economic growth of the village

The land

Land, property and settlement up to the 1930s

The original village school

History of the school in Hardwick


A history of Hardwick in milestones