• Volunteer Needed

    A Volunteer is needed to help collate and summarise the replies to the village survey e.g.  in Excel.  Contact stephen.rose@lakinrose.co.uk if you can help. 

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  • Small Grant Scheme

    For those interested in submitting an application for a small grant to the parish council the forms are now available to download at www.hardwick-cambs.org.uk/grants/

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  • Parish Councillor Vacancy

    There is a vacancy on the council which the council hopes to fill at its meeting on the 22nd September. If you are interested in applying for the position you can download the relevant forms here. Please return your application form and any other correspondence to The Clerk.

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  • Circle Housing Exhibition Summary

    In summary of the exhibition on Tuesday, Circle is proposing a total of 184 dwellings over the 7.12 hector site as well as a community woodland on the southern end. You can download a map of the proposed development here. “ Circle Housing would like to thank everyone who attended our exhibition on Tuesday. We Read More

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  • Starting a Village Plan

    The Parish Council has endorsed the preparation of a Village Plan. This will set out how the Village wants to develop in the future. A small group of volunteers has agreed to kick-off the process but its ultimate success depends on residents of the village contributing to the development of the plan. To find out more, visit Read More

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  • August Parish Meeting Report

    Parish Council report for the meeting held on Tuesday 25th August 2015. The meeting was attended by 6 Parish Councillors and 10 members of the public including Grenville Chamberlain. There was a 15 minute public session starting at 7.45pm and the business meeting started on time at 8pm. Grenville, our District Councillor, assured the PC Read More

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  • Circle Living Proposal Display

    Circle Living ltd (part of Circle Housing Group) has sent leaflets inviting residents to attend a display of their plans for a new development on land to the south of St Neots Road and west of Hall Drive. This display will be on Tuesday 8th September at Hardwick Primary School, 3:30pm – 7pm. Hardwick Parish Read More

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  • CambridgeBOLD

    In October the greater Cambridge City Deal Executive Board will launch a public consultation for views on the best course for a new bus and cycle route between Cambourne and Cambridge. To facilitate the best possible route for everyone it is important for there to be a positive and constructive dialogue between the villages and Read More

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  • SmartWater Prevention Scheme

    Hardwick Parish Council have placed a new SmartWater sign at the top of the village to deter criminals. The SmartWater sign was provided by Cambridgeshire Police and is part of an initiative to reduce crime in the region. You can learn more about SmartWater by visiting cambs.police.uk.

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