November Parish Meeting Report

The meeting began early this month at 7.15pm with a presentation from the City Deal Transport Department outlining the possibilities for the bus route which will go from Cambourne to Cambridge. The route which would be closest to Hardwick could pass between the A428 and St.Neots Rd.

Grenville reported that SCDC is in favour of the devolution of powers for East Anglia and that we are only months away now from securing the local plan.

Circle Housing have submitted an outline application to SCDC for the housing development on St.Neots Rd

Carter Jonas and the Grace Crescent application will hopefully be considered by the Planning Dpt. in January 2017. The section 106 benefits to the village have been revised and these include a subsidised bus route through the village for 5 years and a community building.

Hardwick PlayParks have a grant already in place for a toddler swing and it is hoped that the PC will help the charity with new fencing around the park. This was deferred to the next meeting.

3 new bins will go next to bus stops on Main Street and St.Neots Rd and the bench near the bus stop outside the hairdressers will be cleaned.

Following a letter from a resident, regarding anti social behaviour at the skate park , the PC will endeavour to keep the area as clean as possible and contact the police at Cambourne to let them know of our concerns.

The Hardwick Happenings magazine will continue to be supported by the PC but the section of their budget from which funding comes will change following advice from the clerk.

A Fish and Chip van will return to the village on a Friday on the forecourt of the shop.

The December meeting will be 13th December at 7pm, the Budget meeting on 31st January at 7pm and the next PC meeting on 24th January 2017 also at 7pm.

Post available as HSSC Secretary

Hardwick Sports and Social Club is looking for a new secretary. Wages of £400 per month. The job involves the following:

  • Managing and processing memberships. On the system and producing membership cards.
  • Monitoring and responding to emails.
  • Attending monthly meetings.
  • Producing agenda and minutes.
  • Supervision of Club Manager.
  • Supporting events.
  • Processing invoices ready for the treasurer.
  • Advertising and promotion of the Club and upcoming events.
  • Writing cheques.
  • Maintaining website alongside the Manager.
  • Liaising with outside agencies. County council, insurers, accountant, football and cricket clubs.
  • Producing information needed for accounts re members, profits etc.
  • Filing and archiving.
  • Such as activities as reasonably required by the committee.

December Parish Council Meeting – new date Tuesday 13th Dec. Housing developments on the agenda

The Parish Council meetings are normally held on the fourth Tuesday of each month and in December this would fall on 27th December. The Council decided to bring this meeting forward to Tuesday 13th December at 7:45.

The Parish Council will be considering both the ongoing application for 98 homes off Grace Crescent and also the application for 155 homes off St Neots Road, between Hall Drive and Meridian Close

Steve Rose
Hardwick Parish Council

Jim Stewart and Roger Worland resignations from the Parish Council

There are two vacancies on the Hardwick Parish Council following the resignations of Roger Worland and Jim Stewart. Official notices are posted elsewhere but I would like to express my personal thanks to both Roger and Jim for their contribution to the village through the Parish Council. People tend not to be aware of what Parish Council members do but I can vouch for all the valuable work they do, unpaid, behind the scenes.

Jim has been on the Parish Council for about twenty years and for most of this time (and for some time before then) he was our District Councillor. Jim is a highly respected and popular leader of our community and we will miss his input and sage advice. He has other commitments now demanding his time and we wish him well with those.

Although Roger has left the Parish Council, again due to other commitments, he has taken on an essential role at our village magazine, Hardwick Happenings. Hardwick Happenings is financed in part by advertising and Roger is helping with that. Can I urge all local businesses to consider advertising in our magazine. It reaches over 1,000 homes in the village at remarkably affordable rates.

As will be seen on the official notices we can hold by elections to fill these two vacancies if ten electors give notice in writing. That way your representatives will be directly elected by you. If no one calls for by elections the alternative is for the Parish Council to co-opt new members. However there is relatively little time for electors to call by elections so if you believe this to be the best way forward you will need to act quickly. Read the official notices which tell you what you need to do.

Steve Rose
Hardwick Parish Council

Parish Council Vacancy

There is a vacancy on the Hardwick Parish Council as a result of the resignation of James Stewart.

A by-election to fill the vacancy will be held if within 14 days (not counting Saturdays and Sundays) from the date below ten electors from the parish give notice in writing claiming such an
election to the Returning Officer:
South Cambridgeshire Hall
6010 Cambourne Business Park
CB23 6EA

If no such notice is given the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.